Omar Pascual Castillo

THE CONSTRUCTION OF A SPIRIT OF HIS OWN.                                                                                        (Opinion notes of the work of Andres Montalvan).
As if the socio-natural structures of the world in which we live, were but ‍simple constructions-hand made-of a system of multidisciplinary assemblies; the draftsman, installer and sculptor Andres Montalvan, It is used to show its that-MAKE plastic as an instrumental mechanism that is verified (and: con-has in itself) as "other constructions" (alternates), apart from those established by the levels of POWER.
Thus the set of artifacts, objects, and projects that define his WORK is profiled to us (or: evidence) as a "significant apparatus" that-more than anything-reveals its autonomous constructivist sense; whereas it is erected as a campus-symbol that: territorializes FRONTIERS OF BEING In assuming its idea-aesthetic production as a number (evolutionary or interrelated among itself) of didactic-therapeutic instrumentations that manufacture the BEING (ide-M-tico) to self-execute this, as cosmogoly.
A BEING (understood in its most ontical nomination, existentially speaking) that formulates itself as re-presentation (or: image) of what emanates (and/or over-lives) from the SUBJECT As long as that SUBJECT is assimilated as an "abstract-concrete entity" that presupposes a tautological remission (confirmed by its linguistic inefficiency, or communicational. Encoder... ie), recognizable in its own constituent praxis.
Pragmatism that is conceptualized as rituality, by establishing itself as an enunciative reference, or as a READING (visceral) of the spaces of the BODY, the KNOWLEDGE and the domestic liturgies. In... "the recovery of an internalized look that (…) pours its attention on those aspects that widen the scope of a feeling that transforms into thinking and that of a thinking that in turn becomes feeling". (David Pérez, in: "El cuerpo fatigado de la escultura. Poeticas de la supervivencia (y II)", p. 70, Revista LAPIZ III, 1995, Madrid. Spain.)
This way.-as simple-as teleologically directed by an anthropocentric orientation (very close, perhaps, to the sophistic humanism" of MASONERY, and its ideals about: "The ethic-spiritual construction of the BODY", or devotion to: "Great Architect of Humanity and the Universe ») , places its creations of meaning as "ENCLAVES", to which the MAN accesses if the (authentic) Discursive exclusivism of its rhetorical vibrations is established to us before our experience valuing the Art as an energetic plain where the fullness of the GOCE is only urinated with the first of all certainties. The one that prays as follows:   
                            it is only known that each architecture-executory                                                                                                        of what categorizes us, provokes herself                                                                                                                    by beginning to answer the FIRST of all questions.

Omar Pascual Castillo. November de 1997, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba. 1997